Every single day a huge quantity of counterfeited goods are produced, distributed and sold worldwide.
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) figures this phenomenon around 250 Billions of US dollars, a level higher of many countries’ GNP.


IRETH developed and implemented an effective solution to solve the problem of counterfeiting by the RBC – Real Brand Certification technology.
RBC is a Smart Label which embeds electronic components, able to generate a unique OTP (One Time Password) allowing to strong authenticate the originality of products.
RBC may also be supplied with an anti-tamper leash, which links it to the serial number of the product.

The product authentication process is very simple and intuitive: the customer logs in to the brand website, thenhe/she digits the product serial number and the related OTP originated by the RBC Smart Label, the dedicated Server confirms or does not confirm the originality of the product by matching the data in real time.



The RBC system is NOT based on the current ineffective anti-counterfeiting techniques (all clonable as they are static) used by some bands, but on a technology that matches the product serial number with a dynamic OTP (technology based for ICT security in banking and corporate) which eliminates counterfeiting and gives the brand many advantages, such us:

Enhancing original products sales

Drastic fall of counterfeiting

Direct supply-chain control, from manufacturer to customers

Product quality warranty

Customers’ direct involving, restored trust in brand

Strengthening brand image