OMNIBEK & IRETH, the new era of Smart and Secure Fintech

IRETH S.r.l., leader in Strong Customer Authentication and Antifraud solutions, is pleased to announce that on July 14th signed a partnership agreement with OMNIBEK AG, leader in cyber secure Neobanking solutions, by acquiring shares in the Swiss based operational parent company.

The share transaction paves the way towards an unparalleled joint offering of both companies, thanks to the uniqueness of their respective solutions: Optherium and IRETH.

Together OMNIBEK and IRETH can offer a more complete and secure Neo Banking platform, thanks to their Infrastructure as a Service technology, enriched with advanced authentication and anti-fraud functionalities.

The NeoBanking solution, which is natively based on a patented private blockchains technology, is the only one in the world capable of enabling any company or organisation to implement complete and easily usable Banking-as-a-Service offerings in just a few weeks, with enormous benefits for both customers and the company.

OMNIBEK & IRETH, the new era of Smart and Secure Fintech



Ireth signed an important three-year supply agreement with CSE Group (Consorzio Servizi Bancari), provider of end – to – end solutions for the banking and financial world.  The agreement refers to the acquisition of the IRETH IAP800 Authentication Server and the supply of the related Strong Authentication devices, including displaycards, tokens, mobile apps and OTP SMS, for CSE customers: Banking Institutions and foreign Banks branches.

Ireth Logo

New Website

The new IRETH website is on-line! With attractive graphics and simple language, IRETH introduces its products suite for Strong Authentication and Anti-Fraud, professional services and all the innovative features developed in 10 years of activity.


BCC Agreement

BCC (Banche di Credito Cooperativo) Consortium signed a supply agreement with IRETH: for the next 3 years, more than 150 BCC banks will purchase Strong Authentication tokens, displaycards, mobile apps and server by the Italian Vendor.


New Tokens MPS

MPS chose the T801 Always-ON tokens and T804 Light Crystal tokens for its Retail Paskey Access Services to Internet Banking. With these important supplies, IRETH consolidates its position in the Italian market, as a leader for on-line authentication.


BSI Lugano

The prestigious Swiss bank BSI SA, with headquarters in Lugano, signed with IRETH an important supply contract. The Italian company developed a new strong authentication platform for BSI, according to the customization needs of the client.


Access Control

The personnel of Reale Mutua Assicurazioni is provided with a new identification and authentication badge supplied by IRETH. The new badges can be used both for physical access control and for a secure access to web applications and VPN in Reale Mutua Assicurazioni group.

Banca Passadore

Passadore Bank

Banca Passadore, the innovative private bank founded in Genoa in 1888, it’s been the first institute to adopt an IRETH multi-channel solution to guarantee its customers even higher levels in security and easy access to e-banking services.

Sign the Change

The well-known employment agency chose the D800 Displaycards and the IAP800 Authentication Server by IRETH to streamline and computerize documentation processes, reducing time and costs for companies, workers and the agency itself.

Forum Banca

Forum Banca

IRETH attended the new edition of Forum Banca, one of the most important events of the sector, scheduled on September in Milan. Among the most important topics: Mobile Banking, IT Security Solutions, Secure On-line Payments.