• IRETH: a 20-year-long

    From our experience
    in military design to innovation
    in the SCA and Neobanking fields

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ICT Security
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The birth
and the beginning

IRETH was created to develop and market military telecommunications security systems in the government sector.

Starting from the insight of the founding members, Bruno Benetti and Paolo Bernardini, an important development and production activity of military computer systems has begun, using Tempest technology to protect against radio cyber attacks.

The strong inclination towards technological research, combined with a detailed analysis of the retail market, soon led to a broadening of the range, so that IRETH started to work on research and development for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) solutions.

Developments and opening up
to the banking world

Research and development in the SCA sector paves the way toward the banking world: it is precisely here and in this historical period that security and authentication systems become increasingly important.

IRETH’s activity begins with the development of IAP800, the first authentication and anti-fraud server solution with OATH certification released on the market. Afterwards, many user devices were launched , such as Displaycard and Token, managed by the IAP800 server itself.

Its peculiarity is the use of an open authentication, which soon became the OATH authentication standard, Open Authentication, that allows the interoperability with all OATH devices.

Home Banking
and SCA for Web

Thanks to IRETH, a strong impulse was given to the SCA market, which has finally opened and spread on a large scale, especially for the authentication of mission critical web services such as Home Banking.

The IAP800 solution is particularly suitable for banking systems, and IRETH soon became one of the first manufacturers of SCA solutions worldwide, widening the opportunities from traditional Home Banking to e-payment services (CNP anti-fraud Displaycard).

This is an important integration to banking security systems, as it is estimated that about 70% of online fraud occurs precisely on CNP-type transitions. The introduction of the dynamic CVV on credit cards represents important innovation in this regard.

In the following years, the consolidation of solutions in the field of research and development and the launch of apps and tokens with the OTP system led IRETH to become the first Italian national vendor in the SCA sector.

Experience in security at the service of Neobanking

The challenges that IRETH has chosen to face in recent years are related to the Fintech sector. The application of digital tools in the financial field is the natural evolution of the activity proposed in the past.

The collaboration with Omnibek leads to the creation of Smart Bank 800, a Neobanking platform that allows organizations and companies to create their own digital bank.

The Neobanking platform, born from this collaboration, represents a particularly innovative solution thanks to the implementation of Blockchain technology, able of guarantee the highest level of security and data integrity.

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