• Market sectors and innovation

    IRETH constantly looks for innovative solutions, capable of simplifying the user experience and protecting identity, data and transactions of its customers with maximum effectiveness

The context and
the IRETH solutions

The solutions offered by IRETH are applicable to a whole series of sectors in which IT security is becoming increasingly essential. In everyday life, the number of operations that take place online is growing and it is now impossible to live without them.

The opportunities offered by technology make it possible to implement services that allow rapid communication and remote data exchange, thus making the place where the user really is at that moment of secondary importance. While this represents a great opportunity, in terms of convenience, speed and flexibility, on the other hand it inevitably exposes you to risks.

First generation authentication methods, such as early tokens and static passwords, have become obsolete and very risky today. Cloning, data theft, unauthorized access and fraudulent transactions are just some of the risks that are run every day and it is therefore necessary to provide the right means to contrast these problems and ensure the safety of both your business and its customers.

Precisely for this reason, the application of the solutions offered by IRETH does not only concern banking systems, but involves also a wide range of market sectors and product areas.

The sectors in which
IRETH solutions are used


The spread of online banking services makes it possible to provide users with highly appreciated products for their portability, speed of use and the independence they offer. In addition to a good user experience, it is important to ensure a high level of security and protection.

This allows you to gain the trust of your customers in such a way as to increase the spread of your services.


With the development of remote working, access to shared networks has become a common way to work by many companies, more than in the past. The authentication procedures and data security require particular attention that allows to reduce the risk of fraudulent actions but which, at the same time, allow to obtain customized access solutions.

Courses and

With the spread of online courses and the new habit of teleconferencing, web training and high-performance services online are developing in schools and universities, and through private platforms. This requires secure accesses where personal data cannot be disseminated or confused.


Online sales, in recent months, have recorded an important increase in turnover, which seems destined to continue over the years. For those who manage an online shop, as well as for those who use it, it is essential to be guaranteed against attacks, especially if we consider that online scams are constantly increasing. Security is one of the most important elements for a successful e-commerce.


Also public bodies have chosen to push the accelerator on online platforms, working on eliminating red tape and allowing citizens to obtain simpler practices and more efficient services. In this sector, data protection is fundamental, especially since organizations themselves are a prominent target in cyber attacks for the purpose of accessing confidential information, theft or alteration of data or, purely, for terroristic purposes. For public administrations and public organizations it becomes essential to be able to guarantee security and transmit peace of mind to users, also with the aim of enhancing these tools and encouraging more people to use them.

Insurance Companies

In the insurance field, technology has made it possible to develop high-performance online solutions, such as the stipulation of contracts, access to databases and, lately, even virtual appraisals.

All this implies the need for a high level of confidentiality and security in the exchange of personal, sensitive and confidential data, as well as the need for certification of the identities of the subjects.


In recent years, health has been one of the sectors in which digitization has been most interesting. From the possibility of booking exams online up to online payments, the health portals allow the transmission of a high quantity of data. This is very sensitive data that must be protected not only to avoid scams, but also to comply with privacy rules in relation to sensitive data.

(for presence)

In many sectors video conferences have replaced face-to-face meetings. However, in many cases the presence must be legally certified. These can be assemblies such as condominium ones or for the approval of budgets of associations and institutions. In all these cases, it may be necessary to reach the quorum of those present and allow those who participate to vote online.

Betting and
Online Games

Online gaming platforms have largely replaced physical betting places and have multiplied allowing you to play simply through your PC or smartphone. In addition to accounts with player data, the credentials through which payments are provided are likely to be compromised. The risk is very high, directly in relation to the widespread use of these gaming systems and the size of the amounts.