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    The security at the basis of every digital user service

IRETH solutions represent the best response to the need of companies and retail operators both in terms of security and of Fintech.

In a world where the use of technology has become more and more widespread in personal and professional daily life, online operations that require a high level of security are constantly increasing: digital payments, data exchanges, transactions and Verification of digital identities are just some of the areas in which strong authentication (SCA) is the safest, most effective and, at the same time, accessible method to meet this need. IAP800 suite is our solution.

In addition to security needs, digital Operators increasingly feel the need for advanced financial services, capable of managing their customer base efficiently and of streghtening the level of loyalty and satisfaction.

Here, thanks to the partnership with OMNIBEK, Smart Bank 800 is born, a powerful neobanking solution that allows companies in every sectors to quickly create their bank with their own brand, providing payment and loyalty services as well as innovative financial planning and marketing services.

Strong Authentication
with IAP800 suite

Solving security problems, which are incrementally pressing today, involves a series of steps that can be difficult for users. Overcoming this criticality and offering a high level of security is the challenge that IRETH has chosen to face and which it has overcome with great success precisely through strong authentication.

Strong authentication, in fact, has a number of benefits which make it high performing.


The benefits
of our Strong
Customer Authentication

The benefits
of our Strong
Customer Authentication

  • PSD2 Multifactor authentication, as recently required by current regulations. Our products, that can be associated with different types of devices, are compliant with both the safety standards required at European level and the usability needs related to end users.
  • Modular architecture: IAP800 is a safe system, interoperable with OATH standard, which can be integrated with all devices that comply with this standard. It has the advantage of being able to manage millions of authentications, up to 4000 authentications per second.
  • Extreme flexibility of use thanks to the OATH certification, which allows you to interface with all the tools that comply with this standard, for example smartphones and tokens.
  • Wide range of products that IRETH has improved over time following technological evolution: from the latest generation tokens to NCF smart cards, up to smart card displays and apps, offering a series of solutions that can be adapted to the specific needs of each user whilst maintaining maximum safety.
  • Compliance with legal provisions: the authentication systems offered by IRETH comply with European directives, allowing those who adopt them to be perfectly compliant with current regulations.
  • Easy to use: extreme security must not conflict with ease of use and usability per user. The ability to combine known data with data provided by the chosen device, and the wide range of authentication products, represents an important method for making the proposed solutions widely usable.

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Smart Bank 800,
the bespoke Neobank for your business

Smart Bank 800 is the ideal solution for those organizations and companies that wish to make a digital bank with their own brand available to their customers or users.

This is not a simple online payment service, but a real Neobanking platform through which some typical services of credit institutions and loyalty can be provided. It is a unique solution in its characteristics which bring a numerous series of benefits.

Benefits of
Smart Bank 800

  • Possibility of increasing and improving the services provided to its customers: the organizations and companies that take advantage of this opportunity are able to expand the range of services for their community, with an important positive impact in terms of awareness.
  • Increase in the loyalty of its users and/or customers: through the Neobanking platform, exclusive services such as cash back, free transfers, free payments, etc. can be implemented. In addition to improving the quality of services, it is an important opportunity to build loyalty and a lasting relationship.
  • Possibility of using a system guaranteed by a high level of safety: IRETH’s expertise in the field of strong authentication and antifraud joins the innovative Blockchain architecture at the basis of our neobank platform.
  • Possibility of using a white-label solution: all banking services, including apps and debit cards, can be customized according to the customer’s needs. This also allows you to carry on ad hoc marketing strategies for the business, facilitating the achievement of the estimated targets.

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“Smart Bank 800 is the most advanced digital banking solution on the market today.
It is built on a solid foundation by cybersecurity experts”