Healthcare is one the biggest sector that is benefiting from the opportunities offered by the web: a lot of healthcare organizations are modernizing and transferring their services also to web-based applications.
On-line healthcare portals can offer to the patients important on-line services, such us: reservations for visits and examination, medical reports/records, tickets payment, memo for taking medication, expenses reports, lab results, second opinion, communities, personal medical diaries,  etc.

As it is evident, the information contained in web health-portals are very confidential and must be secured properly.
Besides, increasing privacy regulations force to adopt appropriate secure measures to protect users’ confidential data.

IRETH offers a complete strong authentication solution to secure user login and to ensure that only authenticated users can gain access to resources.
As Healthcare organizations have specific organizational structure, and IT environment, IRETH customized security solutions, that all satisfy industry, law and regulatory requirements.


IRETH’s authentication solutions are suitable for: Hospitals and healthcare facilities, Health organizations and health insurance companies, Clinics and labs, Claims processors, e-Prescribe applications, Web-based medical or healthcare applications.


Secure Access to confidential information

Simplifications for End-Users

Regulatory compliance


Low Total Cost of Ownership

IRETH Solutions for Healthcare:

Authentication Server IAP800

Hardware OTP Devices (Tokens, Displaycards, Matrix cards)

Software OTP Devices (OTP via SMS)

Mobile OTP App

Additional Services:

Branding – Hardware and Software devices can be customized

Fulfilment & Deployment– IRETH offers a range of fulfilment & deployment services, including packaging customization, fulfilment, mailing and distribution