Every year millions of insurance policies are stipulated: as a consequence, insurance companies collect and manage on file huge amounts of sensitive data, becoming one of the first targets for on-line data theft.

Besides, thousands of insurance agents access data on an extranet or through a VPN connection.

As electronic channel technology evolve, insurance companies should implement more and more secure systems in order to protect transactions, data transmissions and accesses to confidential information in their corporate network.

If sensitive information is not properly protected, the company’s system is vulnerable to pharming, phishing, Trojans, viruses and Man-In-The-Middle attacks combined with malicious codes. In these cases, the attackers can steal credentials, access to confidential information, alter data and endanger the safety of the company itself.

In this situation, Strong Authentication is a mandatory feature to prevent data theft, both for internal and for external attacks.


IRETH is a leader for Strong Authentication OTP Solutions, offering the most advanced and powerful technology to secure customer’s systems.

IRETH solutions ensure SECURITY and insurance organizations can focus only on what they do best: providing insurance services and support to customers.

IRETH Solutions for Insurance:

Authentication Server IAP800

Hardware OTP Devices (Tokens, Displaycards, Matrix cards)

Software OTP Devices (OTP via SMS)

Mobile OTP App

Additional Services:

Branding – Hardware and Software devices can be customized

Fulfilment & Deployment– IRETH offers a range of fulfilment & deployment services, including packaging customization, fulfilment, mailing and distribution