D800 Bluetooth 1 key

D800 BLE Bluetooth is a new “2-way direct authentication” displaycard, manufactured implementing a radio link between the card and a communication device (tablet, smartphone).
The D800 BLE can integrate the Challenge Response algorithm, greatly simplifing the use of the card during authentication operations and ensuring high security level against MITM Man-in-the-middle attacks, MITB Man-in-the-browser malwares, MITMO Man-in the Mobile attacks.
In fact, the authentication data is automatically exchanged between devices, avoiding to type it both on the card and on the device: after checking the challenge data shown on the display, the user has only to press the confirmation button and the displaycard automatically handles the challenge response process via Bluetooth protocol.

IRETH’s 2-way Direct Authentication D800 BLE meets all the needs for mobility, security and real usability, allowing:
Typical Portability
Ready to be used
Full Compliance with EBA Regulations and with payment infrastructures (ATM, POS, SecureCode)
Total Security, by means of Challenge Response algorithms against MITM, MITB, MITMO through a sepa
Increased use, allowing automatic secure access to the web applications, custom applications, self-authenticated browsing, etc.