D800 EMV 1 key

D800 EMV with 1 button is an advanced All-In-One ISO7816 Displaycard, that combines OTP, Payment functions and Proximity, allowing Strong Authentication, Anti-Phishing, Anti Fraud and Secure Payments.
D800 is Multi-channel, Multi-purpose and Cost-Effective, in ISO7816 credit card form factor with E-ink or LCD Display (on demand) and ultra thin battery technology.
D800 EMV Displaycards are perfet for users requiring only one device to use different secure services, such us Home-Banking, e-commerce, Payments, etc.
They are extremely portable and can be used in all payment infrastructures/circuits (ATM, POS, Kiosk), both contact and contactless (NFC).

D800 EMV Displaycards are certified by Mastercard (can be certified by VISA or other Circuit Players) and can embed any kind of payment component: EMV (Europay, Mastercad and VISA), EMV Dual Interface, NFC, Dynamic CVV, Dynamic PAN, and others.