IAP800 is the powerful IRETH Strong Authentication, Validation and Anti-Fraud Server to secure on-line authentications, web applications and corporate remote access.

IAP800 has been the first worldwide full OATH Strong Authentication Solution. OATH is the reference standard for modern authentication solutions to IT resources.

IAP800 implements a powerful Anti-Fraud filter, allowing to control how, when and where authentication requests are made. Besides, the Challenge Response algorithm can be used to implement transaction integrity and security.

IAP800 architecture follows the technological evolution of authentication platforms, more and more standard compliant, that’s to say OATH standard, allowing companies to obtain many benefits in terms of application flexibility, independence from a proprietary solution, server independence from OATH authentication devices.

The authentication server IAP800 supports:

  • OATH devices from any brand
  • Mobile devices
  • It may be available with Hardware Security Modules like Safenet and Utimaco.

In order to meet all customers’ needs, IAP800 Server is available in different versions:

  • Appliance
  • Virtual Machine
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Cloud.