M800 is the mobile multi-channel OTP App offered by IRETH to access on-line services securely everywhere, through Strong Authentication by OTP One Time Password.

The M800 solution is an Application easy to be downloaded in your own mobile device and ready to be used to access remote services with Strong Authentication, through dynamic OTP codes (One Time Password).

Together with the Authentication Server IAP800 developed by IRETH, M800 represents a competitive mobile solution against risks concerning on-line frauds and against attacks such as “Phishing” and “Man-In-The-Middle”.

M800 application supports all main operating mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile), used by the main smart phones and tablets producers, such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc.

The M800 solution ensures maximum security and not clonability for the device: M800 technology by IRETH binds uniquely the mobile device to the authentication server, marking out the hardware footprint. M800 has the same security levels as OTP hardware devices, with lower costs for devices’ acquisition and management. Furthermore, it is granted the security in sharing the secret keys, necessaries to generate OTP codes, through the communication protocol encrypted and mutually authenticated with server IAP800®. The token’s enrollment is a 2-way initialization process, in order to maximize the security levels in the software’s use.

M800 can be customized according to customer’s requests.