SB800 – Smart Banging Platform Suite

SmartBank800, or SB800, is an innovative NeoBank solution developed and provided by IRETH, which allows organizations and communities with a clearly identifiable user base (e.g. Telco, GDO, Districts, Retail) to create quickly their own digital bank with very competitive user services, managing it effectively and safely through evolved logics of decentralization and data management.

The SB800 platform gives organizations the opportunity to boost and improve the service to their customers / users and is the only solution able to increase exponentially their loyalty through the integration of exclusive banking services (cash back, free P2P transfers, wire transfers free, free deposits); it also guarantees high levels of security (blockchain, Password-Less PSD2 authentication, anti-fraud services dedicated to Mobile APPs) and performance in all the provided banking services (smart contract, AI, Biometric Authentication), reducing setup and maintenance costs of the banking infrastructure.

SmartBank800 is a totally “White Label” solution in which the Bank organization can insert its own brand in the technological supply chain. (Web, App and Bank cards).



The solution has some common features in each application:

  • Decentralization – the blockchain-based architecture allows for a transparent and decentralized data storage, providing natively the “Security by design” concept
  • P2P network – peer network model in which transactions take place in a more efficient and economical way, without any intermediation
  • Scalability – preset and ready-to-use solution, the hardware component is minimal
  • Digital Onboarding – the customer registration is carried out in a few clicks, doing validity and integrity checks with the provided documents and giving an accurate service of Global Watchlist Screening (AML – Anti Money Laundering, CTF- Counter Terrorist Finanacing, PEP – Political Exposed Person)
  • AI & Computer Vision – used both in the on-boarding process and in the monitoring of transactions
  • WhiteLabel Solution – Insertion of one’s own brand throughout the technological supply chain
  • Interoperability – the information within the blockchain can be shared with third parties, through an authorization system.

The SB800 suite consists of 3 “motorized” platforms through a private HyperLedger Fabric blockchain, governed by Smart Contract, AI Artificial Intelligence and Dynamic Biometrics mechanisms:

  1. DVS800 – DataVault Storage – High security decentralized data storage and management platform, in compliance with new data storage regulations for companies and large communities.
  2. RT800 – RegTech – Platform for the checking and compliance of financial processes that carries out controls (big data analytics) in real time on Identity, Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Risks associated with the transaction, according to all the current regulations of global financial transactions. It uses modern technology of Dynamic Biometrics for the recognition and certification of the individual
  3. FIN800 – FinTech Digital Banking – Powerful, secure, complete and convenient platform for managing digital banking services.


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