M800 SDK is a reliable library module very easy to be used for the development of mobile apps  for OTP  (One Time Password) Strong Authentication to web applications. The mobile app developed with M800 SDK is an OTP software token. By using M800 SDK, in fact, the mobile app developer can implement easily mobile applications which the user can adopt  to safely get the OTP codes.

M800 SDK together with IAP800 Strong Authentication Server (developed by IRETH) are the most reliable and secure solution to realize OTP tokens for mobile, cutting down the risks of on-line frauds and on-line attacks such as “Phishing” and “Man-In-The-Middle”.

M800 SDK grants the development of OTP apps with the very best security, not clonable: its technology allows, in fact, to develop OTP mobile apps univocally related to the mobile (smartphone) hardware, tracking the hardware’s itself fingerprint.

M800 SDK is released for the most popular mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), currently used by the most important brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc.

M800 SDK grants a very high security level for the sensitive data management. The sharing of secret keys used for the OTP code generation is absolutely safe thanks to the encrypted code which is mutually authenticated by IAP800® Server. It is robust against reverse engineering and cracking.

M800 SDK keeps the OTP generation data in a specific encrypted Vault. M800 SDK allows the mobile app developer to access to use custom encrypted Vault in order to store further sensitive data in a very secure way.